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About Us

We’re a diverse NFT ecosystem on Solana


We integrate NFTs with DeFi utility

Our mission is you give you life altering gains and financial freedom from owning NFTs. Every Friday we give away 40% of our weekly gains to a member, and the rest is compounded to create bigger payouts. Daily giveaways are starting at the end of April with the Gnarly Knights.

What We Do

We provide incredible returns

On top of the daily and weekly lotteries, our NFTs all have a very limited, low supply and will increase in value and rarity as the lotteries become bigger. Thus the FP will continue on a consistent upward trajectory.

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DeFi Protocols

Our goal is to have super diverse treasuries of nodes, stable LPs, and other DeFi protocols to generate amazing returns for our members. 

Gnarly Knights

Coming April 21st with a WL mint price of 0.66 SOL and a public price of 0.86. We will do daily giveaways of $270-$300+! Get on the whitelist today! Only 140 spots remaining.

Become a member

Gain more with our community

Alpha Purgatory

On top of all of the lotteries and rising FP, you also get access to an exclusive Alpha channel with profitable TA and other new DeFi protocols.


We are an organically grown, tight-knit community with a selfless, generous mindset. We have the nicest, most helpful members.

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